Among the many things Pampanga is known for is the exceptional food. A lot of new restaurants have mushroomed everywhere, yet there’s a good number that’s kept in my list with A-plus quality food, which includes Urban Table Bistro.

Owned and operated by Chef Don Edward Quito, who acquired his expert culinary skills through special courses & degrees and work experience in a foreign country, I wasn’t surprised that the food is unprecedented. If there’s something we always look for, it’s the food’s distinct taste. As if he was reading our minds, it was exactly what the
chef aimed for and successfully achieved.

(Seared Scallops)

(Crispy Chicharones – my fave, plus the special sauce)

Urban Table is Chef Don’s second restaurant venture, first being Patio Miguelito, which specializes in cakes and pastries. One stride further, this restaurant resting in Greenfields Square, San Fernando, Pampanga has materialized. Serving people’s tummies with good food since December of 2015, Urban Table has been a subject of talks about what it serves. It was how I discovered the restaurant, and the curiosity never left until I got to dine in.

(In every table, there’s a small bowl of inspiring quotes to live by, surely a good read while you wait for your food.)

(Spam Frittata)

The chef labels his cuisine as modern contemporary, featuring Fil-International favorites given a twist. Think of Tapa Steak marinated in Pale Pilsen, Chocolate Binagoongan Pasta and their best-selling drink Malunggay Double Apple. Yes, they’re something I’ve never heard of and tried before. And no, they don’t taste anything like that ‘odd’ ingredient. In fact, we all loved them! 🙂

(Dirty Fries)

If that hasn’t impressed you enough, there’s a whole lot more to try in their menu full of enticing meals even just by their name. One of their best-sellers is the Dirty Fries, their alternative for the common nachos drizzled with cheese and topped with meat. Urban Table’s version has a Pinoy twist associated with it. Instead of using ground beef, they made use of Longganisa.

(Drunken BBQ Ribs)

(Chocolate Binagoongan)

The name might sound a little unusual, but trust me, the taste is perfect enough to satisfy your cravings.

(Grilled Tapa Steak)


Most of us have a sweet tooth, me included. That’s why we all went wild for the great-tasting cakes from Urban Table Bistro, all baked from scratch. The Yema Brulee took my breath away, it’s a must-try!

Urban Table also offers alcoholic beverages. Their drinks don’t taste even a wee bit of bitter, just mild and sweet like ordinary juices.You shouldn’t miss out on trying their Blue Margarita.

(The food at Urban Table Bistro tastes as good as how it is presented.)

(Chef Don has been featured in different publications and tv shows like Metro and Unang Hirit)

Kapampangans are noted to have that innate culinary talent, which makes it rather challenging to please their taste when comes to food. Here at Urban Table Bistro, you get what you pay for, and as a fellow food enthusiast shared, you wouldn’t have to travel far and wide for quality food, because at Urban Table, unique twist meets perfect taste.

Urban Table Bistro

Greenfields Square, Sindalan, San Fernando, Pampanga

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