Weekends call for a chill and relaxing night out, that’s for sure. In this modern age, there’s more to the night/weekend life than downing the booze or dancing your heart out to the top hits at everyone’s default bars. If catching up with your barkada while having something to entertain you
is your goal, VLounge at Clark is the place to choose.

This sports and resto bar which started in 2013 is finally inside Clark, among the array of hang outs that Northwalk boasts of. What sets it apart from other bars and restaurants is that there’s so much to do and enjoy inside. Here are the Top 5 things to look forward to when you hang out at VLounge:


The design is inspired by the owner’s love for collectors items. Trivia: the displays and decor are actually his personal collections which he opted to showcase in his restaurant. Say hello to miniature ships and cars, custom plates and sports paraphernalia.
When hanging out, it has been obligatory for us to take photos, and the edgy interior at Vlounge is an advantage.


One thing I personally love about this place is that it can cater to diverse markets. All of us have different preferences from all our other friends, so no need to worry about being left out or bored. If your guy friends want to take their turn on billiards, you can also unleash your singing prowess in their karaoke available for their guests at a per hour rate.

Aside trom that, VLounge also sells vapes. It is actually where the name originated from (Vape Lounge).


Kapampangan favorites such as Crispy Pata, Chicharon Bulaklak and the famous go-to dish of tourists when in Pampanga, sisig (must-try) will greet you on the menu. Their cuisine is a fusion of American, Asian and others, so there is a wide selection to choose from. With a price range of P95-250, you wouldn’t have to pour money down the drain when you chill here. Not only that, you get more than what you pay for. I was impressed by the distinct taste of every dish served to us, which I never found in other restaurants. With the chef/owner’s expertise in food that he acquired through a special course in ISCAHM (International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management), there’s no doubt the food will also keep you glued to this restaurant.

As I have a tried quite a count of their dishes, I recommend trying the ff:

Appetizer: Chicharon Bulaklak

Main Course: Buffalo Wings, Sisig, VLounge Fried Rice

*They also cater for special functions and events, you may contact them in the link below.


Of course, it isn’t called a bar for nothing. Like your favorite hang outs in town, VLounge offers their own pad of drinks you’ll surely take note of. Enjoying their own mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages while hanging out with friends, playing billiards or singing your heart out sounds like a great idea!


Filipinos have an innate love for singing, but more than that, we also love being entertained with our favorite hugot songs or what-seemed-to-be-our-life-anthems. Chill out to the music of VLounge’s resident band/duo and get soothed by their soft, pop-jazz/soul genre from time to time.

With all that’s stated above, who would want to miss this new favorite spot to hang out? Its second branch is up and coming this last quarter of the year. That means we have a lot more to look forward to!

VLounge Sports and Resto bar

Unit 5, Northwalk Clark, Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Contact No.
0917 501 7824

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