Pampering yourself has already been a necessity nowadays, especially for us girls. We could always think of countless avenues of celebratory “me-time”, or ways to rejuvenate our skin and enhance our features. Looking your best is everyone’s desire, because that’s what makes you confident in the first place. That is exactly what Beautehaus by Beautederm’s aim is, to make you confidently beautiful.

With all the innovations arising in the beauty and aesthetics industry, Beautederm keeps up by introducing Beautehaus, their own haven of beauty services to help us look more beautiful and self-assured. Here are the brand’s top 5 services you should indulge yourselves in for that happier and glowing look:


(Beautederm’s roster of celebrity endorsers who have proven the effectiveness of the brand’s products)


1.) Facial & RF

One of their top-of-the-line services is the Multipolar body contouring, which is a revolutionary slimming treatment that’s painless and requires no recovery time. Trim your most stubborn areas like inner thighs and lower abdomen. Radio Frequency can also be done on the face for contour and reshaping.

Beautehaus also offers the basic facial and diamond peel, which can be availed of with their own Beaute Package as well.


2.) LED Light Mask

This ritual is on the rise in different clinics and aesthetic centers today, and we’re proud to say it’s already available at Beautehaus. Some of its benefits include skin rejuvenation, improvement of blood circulation, lifting and skin tightening. It can also serve as an effective acne care program.


3.) Hand & Foot Spa (Plus Mani-Pedi)

Pamper your hands and feet with Beautehaus’ Hand Spa (with Paraffin Wax) and Foot Spa (with foot scrub).

Perk up those pretty nails with equally pretty and high-quality polish. Beautehaus has a variety of colors for both regular and gel polish that will make your nails prettier in no time!


4.) Gluta Inject / Gluta Drip

Gluta drip is doing circulations over the web lately and everyone’s gone curious about it. There are only a few ones in Pampanga that offer this service, and one of them is Beautehaus. Get that dream fine complexion you’ve been wanting with the highest dose of Gluthathione with Vitamin B, Collagen and Placenta. Other gluta packages are available as well.


5.) Beautederm’s Line of Beauty Care

The brand was first known for its beauty care sets. Through the business’ course, it has gained a multitude of clients and distributors in the country, which prompted its way to plan more products. Today, it is endorsed by some of the country’s prominent celebrities including Jaycee Parker, Maricel Morales and Matt Evans, among others.

With all that said, we, Kapampangans know where to head to when in need of a pamper session! Visit Beautehaus by Beautederm at


Stall 1-A Main Gate of Villa Angela Subdivision, Angeles City (in front of Northern Brew)



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