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(co-blogger Seff Francisco and I on TMC Clark’s Burn Unit launch)


The Medical City Clark (TMC) launches the first and only burn care unit in Region 1 & 3. Having only 4 other burn care facilities in the country (3 in Manila and 1 in Davao), this is such a nice move in the medical field. Now that there’s one in Pampanga, patients with burn injuries from Central/North Luzon would have a nearer place to run to, if emergencies occur.


(Dr. Cenon Alfonso delivers the opening remarks)

Just a little trivia: Did you know that the biggest demand for Burn Care is in Central Luzon?


TMC Clark Burn Unit is a specialized surgical facility designed to provide comprehensive and multi disciplinary care for victims with burn injuries.

The unit’s trained professionals and cutting edge technology provide superior care to each patient. It admits pediatric and adult patients who have suffered an acute burn injury. It offers a comprehensive care through all phases, from injury, beginning with stabilization and acute care, through reconstruction and rehabilitation, to final recovery, including functional reintegration to society.


(The event was graced by Gov. Lilia “Baby” Pineda)


(TMC’s cutting-edge equipment at the Burn Unit: the Mirani Patient Lifter and Primo Ferro Bathing System)

This bathing system is a top-of-the-line facility, rendering remarkable flexibility and wide range of control ensuring patient comfort and safety.

TMC Clark practices a multi-disciplinay approach with expertise in the management of simple to the most complex burn cases. Should a mass casualty happen, they have prepared a disaster plan in response to a sudden influx of burn patients.


(The medical specialists tell us their role in addressing burn patients)

Aside from state-of-the-art equipment, TMC Clark’s source of pride are its skilled professionals that will address the needs of burn patients. The multidisciplinary team for burn care include Dr. Noelito Lacsamana, Chair, Dept. of Surgery; Dr. Alejandro Garcia, Chair, Department of Anesthesiology; Dr. Dave Gamboa, Chair, Dept. of Emergency Medicine; Dr. Angelene Parazo, Chair, Intensive Care Unit; Dr. Geraldine Te, Chair, Dept. of Physical Med and Rehab; Dr. Alvin Penafiel, Respiratory Care and Ms. Gail Galang, Burn Unit Nursing Care.


(TMC Clark’s medical experts)

The components of burn care that they deliver to are the ff:

Acute/Emergency Care, Critical Care, Wound Care, Infection Control, Nutritional Support, Treatment of Smoke Inhalation, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Pain Management, Psychosocial Support, Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

With superior care in all these departments, rest assured that each person admitted receives what‘s apt for a burn patient.


(PFB with TMC’s doctors and PR personnel)

TMC Clark’s Goals in addressing burn patients:

1.) Early and Proper Treatment

2.) Better Outcomes, Less Complications

3.) Shorter Hospital Stay, Lower Overall Cost of Care

During the launch/conference, the TMC Clark team discussed everything about its Burn Unit to its guests and the media. Personally, I don’t have any medical background, that’s why I made sure to be attentive to the speakers. With their presentation, I was able to see not only their drive to excel in terms of providing state-of-the-art medical services in order to persuade superior assistance, but also their innate urge to care for patients.

To The Medical City team, thanks for having us as social media correspondents and congratulations on the launch of your Burn Care Unit!