With summer just around the corner, we have two things running through our minds:

1.) Plan a beach trip.

Time to rock that beach bod you’ve spent months working hard for. Because once and for all, what’s summer without salt water?

2.) Get the best fitting swimsuit.

If you’re the trendy sort, you’re probably thinking about both the fit and style. Gladly, in this online shopping age, fashionable swimsuits are at arm’s reach through these online brands we reveal to you:


You’ll be carried away, for sure, by this “Carried Away” Bikini set from the bloggers’ favorite swimsuit brand, Cesa.


Ethnic prints are too pretty too pass on. A fan of prints? Eika has got the best ones for you!

(Eika is also available at HerShoppe, San Fernando, Pampanga, along with its line of Beach Born products)


The cold shoulder has been a tremendous trend, we believe. Coral Swimwear ignites the limelight further on this style!


Something that best signifies summer: Tropical prints. Get your hands on this pair that’s too cute to look at.


For those wanting a slimmer figure, stripes are your savior. Cover up that tummy too with its high waist style. Its slim criss-cross strings are a bonus to make you look extra sexy.


In pursuit of uniquely crafted bikinis? Soak yourself in Soak Swimwear’s pieces in the color that’s making waves this year: Pale Dogwood.


If there’s a little black dress, why not let the classic black swimsuit enter the scene? Nudo’s one-piece wonder looks extra sophisticated, especially with its ruched detailing.


White assuredly screams elegance. This venus cut white swimsuit will give you more than that, thanks to Naked Sun!

How about a treat for pastel lovers? Be ahead of the game in these frilly two-piece swimwears!

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