Well-curated, clean, beautiful and creative -probably the best words to describe the flatlays above, which I created myself for my own Instagram feed. Other Instagram users have their own personal share of those. But do you ever wonder how much effort there is behind every blogger/Insta-aficionado’s artsy photo? Let me spills some deets, tips, tricks and truths.


Item 1: Flatlay

Spill the deets: Time spent? 30 minutes.

I know you ask why. Well in every flatlay I construct, there is most probably something I promote. This photo for instance, is something I used to advertise my line Kaile and a collaborating online brand. Great photos make up a good brand image, so I make sure to invest time in producing good product and promotion photos to post on social media.


Item 2: Landmark photo

Spill the deets: Well, this photo was well-practiced, I even asked my sister to pose the exact way I want my photo to look, before she takes mine.

The location was a train station, so imagine the foot traffic we’d have to deal with. Passengers photo-bombing every now and then, it took us a few good minutes to get the perfect capture.


Item 3: Pedestrian X-ing

(Photos on burst- left VS. Photo that made the cut -right)

Spill the deets: This one was tough since we had to do it while I cross the road. The people behind were only perfect details to the background that created a paparazzi shot effect. It would be best if it’s not directed and you just walk naturally. Your camera’s burst option is you best friend here! Reminder: Be extra careful crossing the pedestrian :p


Item 4: On The Table

Spill the deets: Behind every successful food-on-the-table photo, are bloggers climbing in chairs, trying to get the most enticing food angle, lol (credit goes to a fellow blogger for this BTS photo, please let me know if you own it).

That’s for a restaurant review for B.I.F’s Smoke & Grill, who gave us a warm welcome and served us their best-sellers.

P.S. Yes I know we got ya hungry with that left photo, which will make you try out their food. The next thing we know, the restaurant review has got you influenced :p


Item 5: The photo-bomber

Spill the deets: FYI, not all photo bombers are people. Okay, little cat, I see you’re too cute, but I need my moment, lol.

Now you know how much time and perseverance creative people have just to be able to produce one good photo. Nope, it’s not for the sake of pleasing their viewers, but once artistry is born in you, you set the bar high for having nice photos. And yes, creativity is a good exercise for your brain and a good source of productivity, trust me. For us bloggers and digital-age entrepreneurs, it’s our job. Don’t judge, cause some Instagrammers are already earning their way up through every snapshot. Who knows, you might be the next one!

A good feed takes time and work, honey. 🙂