Online shopping is made a breeze by this site I recently discovered. It’s a one-stop shop for everyone’s needs. Their products range include fashion and beauty, gadget accessories, home essentials, electronics, and generally anything you would need!

When shopping, we always bargain to get the cheapest prices, don’t we?
The frugal in me went out wild as soon as I was introduced to this webstore selling goods at really low prices,

$15 was quite a challenge for me, but I had to limit my purchase at that, which made it more exciting. Let me show you my haul!

Mesh Sheer Embroidered Shirt, $4.11

I have seen this trend spread all over, I knew I had to get one for myself!

Polygon Mirrored Sunglasses, $3.87, Mirror Back Case Cover with Plush Ball iPhone7 Case, $2.84

Would you even believe I got them at the above-mentioned prices?

Iron On Embroidered Appliques, $1.21

Going along with the patches trend, I’m currently planning on a DIY shirt using these!

For a $12 total (P540-600) for 4 items, my shopping haul was worth every penny.

Head on over at to see for yourself!

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