Floral Kimono: Maude, Heels: Nine West, Distressed Denims: DIY


Basing on my personal preference, plain jeans are boring. You won’t really spot me wearing a pair, only seldom. One exception is when they’re distressed. Truth be told, distressed denims are kind of pricey, so sometimes, when I’m bored, I’d pick up my tools and do my own thing- a pair of ripped jeans that is- like this one I’m wearing!

Materials you need:

1. A pair of scissors

2. Tweezers

3. A lot of time.

Disclaimer: Ripping jeans is not as easy as you think it is. You need to pull of the fibers of your denim individually. Depending on how rugged you want it to turn out, you must allot a number of hours in making it. Also, as the denim gets washed, it naturally becomes distressed all the more.


1. Use an old pair that’s excessively worn (so that you won’t regret posibble mistakes!)

2. A light washed denim looks better when ripped.

3. For a more creative DIY, try dying it to your favorite color or bleach it for a more edgy look.

4. Be careful with the patches you’ll make. Start with small ones, so as not to ruin some parts of the jeans.

For a DIY tutorial, check out this one on Youtube!