One thing has become certain in this digital age – the rise of new ideas. Ideas we have never even imagined. We’re in an era of highly creative people excelling, self-made influencers arising, jobs we didn’t know would exist, the list goes on.

I can clearly recollect my late teenage days when I started a what-used-to-be-a-personal-diary. I was an introvert and would barely express my feelings to anyone but the internet, not caring about whoever reads my posts. It has become a perennial habit of mine to keep that so-called journal up-to-date, so I’d post my personally written articles about life, love (and heartbreaks) until blogging became a thing and thankfully enough, it came right on time.

Finally, my thing has been given a social definition that would make people understand it (me) without having to explain what I really do. Finally, I met people of the same wavelength, people I could relate to and share this passion with. Everything became such a breeze. What used to be a personal journal turned as a platform of me sharing what’s new and what to try. Oh how lovely it is to get to experience new places, try a new cuisine, attend by invite only gatherings and get to try new products and services for free? I’d perpetually thank the web for this advantage.

A lot has changed. Blogs have become less personal and more informative. There’s this thing I’m missing though: the freedom of expressing my thoughts and sharing my style through my personal platform, not worrying about who reads it. (Wait, I don’t actually know if my personal thoughts would still be interesting to read, lol). I’ve had a love-hate relationship with social media that most of the time got me depressed. And then I realized, we should never ever depend our lives on it. Happiness is neither measured by how many likes you get nor the comments you acquire. So hello youngsters, trust me, take this advice. 🙂

Anyways, drama aside, I’m trying to revive my old personal style documenting and keep this blog more “me”, so you’ll probably see more style and fashion posts in the future and maybe less of what you have seen in the past 2 years or so. I’d love to revel in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire. Here’s to more style stories, for old times’ sake. 🙂

“Ask yourself what makes you different then nurture it afterwards. It’s a gift. It’s your strength. It will be your success.”