MY MOST FAVORITE SET OF PHOTOS in Australia would have to be this. (Yes, all caps para intense, lol) To tell you, whenever I know my whereabouts for the day, one thing I love to do is plan what I wear. Customarily, I am planned more than spontaneous, because I like creating ideas in my mind and then trying to execute them – not only in fashion and style, but also life matters. If I see a favorable response, I feel a sense of fulfillment.

I wore this outfit on my second visit in Auburn Botanic Gardens. I thought it was perfect to wear something floral and girly to be in tune with the place that’s so sublime, ideal enough to be a tryst. If only I could tag a special someone along, I’d like to spend a date here. I’m sure every girl can dream like that. Up until now, whenever I think of this place, I am still in awe. Yes, that’s how nice it is. I guess you couldn’t blame me for dressing up like this? 🙂

What I wore: Blazer, Vintage from mom; Laser cut top, Dotti; Floral Pants, Cotton On; Necklace, Ice Design; Heels, Tonic