Trends come and go, but style is eternal. Every now and then, there comes a new thing you see the bandwagon adapt to.

As a style conscious person, I wouldn’t mind trying trends. However, I’d like to set my style apart from the norms.

Since last year, white sneakers  have entered the style scene and it has become a prominent trend up until now. Different brands launch their own versions of it, giving people a wide range to set their eyes on.


But, wouldn’t you love something more special? How about white sneakers that you can customize and doodle on? Mr. Monkies has made a smart idea to release the Original, that comes with special erasable pens. You can draw on your own pair of shoes and when you want a brand new design, you can freely erase and make a new one. No need to worry about the rain too, cause these sneakers are waterproof. I love how you can maximize both style and creativity at once!

As I always say it, style isn’t expensive, as long as you are creative. With Mr. Monkies Original, I can wear various styles at the expense of one pair of shoes. Get your own Mr. Monkies Original and avail of 20% discount through my voucher code: KHAINUNAG2016 at!

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