I think every mom that hopes for a daughter is excited about the idea of dressing her up just like her own “Mini-Me” version. Twinning with your very own daughter is such a joy! To tell you,
I think I may have an online shopping obsession and I love to coordinate clothes with my little
girl. I just can’t help myself cause dressing up with your little one is just so fun. I am excited to share with you some of our matching OOTDs: here’s 7 days of style with my baby Sola and I!

Day 1: Summer Maxi Dress

I am totally in love with the beach vibe of this dress. Its flowy silhouette and beautiful prints are great for any occasion, most especially during summer.

These are one of our favorite sandals; a pair that we keep using over and over!! They’re lightweight and easy-to-wear, perfect for everyday use!

Day 2: Gingham and Ruffles

Soften your day look with these up-to-the-minute  gingham tops. Ruffle details are to die for, yes? I normally wear a small, but I took a leap of faith and got a larger size. Good to say, we  got a lot of compliments with these tops. Bonus: I got both of them on sale for only P580!

Day 3: Knot Top and Laced Dress

Knot top for mommy and lace dress for baby – just a perfect pair! This look is so easy and pretty at the same time. I got this set from one of my favorite online shops, Mimilai Clothing. I love that their pieces are so comfy. My girl and I can move around and play all we can clad in their clothes.

Day 4: One-Piece Wonder

The word “Wanderlust” totally defines us. I always love taking my daughter out for a swim. These mustard wanderlust swimsuits were a good buy. They were on sale when I got them. Think P200 – 400. Ain’t that too affordable?

Day 5: Florals and Marsala

You can never go wrong with florals, I know you agree. They make your ensemble pop, as well as they build character. These pieces are a steal at P200 each. Also, these Melissa shoes are one of our favorites! They’re so classic-  bringing both style and comfort to a whole new level.

Day 6: Pretty in Tiers

Yes, we can’t get enough of ruffles! I got four matching dresses in this style and this pair has got to be our favorite. If there’s one word to describe it, it would be fabulous. They’re also so flattering and breezy! We completed the look with these white strappy sandals which I bought at P600 – 700 php each.

Day 7: Casual Tees

There is nothing more comfortable than a T-shirt.  I consider it as a must-have for everyone, which is why I got Sola and I a bunch of matchy-matchy statement tees.

My shirt says, “I did an incredible thing” and my daughter’s shirt says “Incredible thing”. Way too cute, right? Spill: I got these for P250!

Who will ever outgrow Elmo? I got these cute shirts in a department store at the kids section, because why not?


Another twinning statement shirt FTW. My shirt says “She got it from me, while Sola’s says “I got it from my mama”. Tres chic!

Nothing is more fun than dressing up your little ones.  Spending time with my Sola and seeing
her grow and learn right before my eyes is incomparable to anything. In my 3+ years of being
a mother, I have learned that some days may be more trying than others, but I have come to
realize that difficult or not, happy or sad, I wouldn’t want to miss anything. After all, I will
only watch her grow up once, so I make sure to enjoy every bit of it!

Shane is a loving wife and a proud mom of her 3 y/o daughter, Sola. Follow more of their adventures on Instagram: @shingaquino and @solavely!

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