During the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, the genius behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, acknowledged the patronage of mobile operators in the world for Internet.org to further improve global internet access.

 One thing that can be Globe Telecom’s edge is being the first telco in the world to offer its customers free Facebook access in October 2013, which introduced the Filipinos to mobile internet browsing.

    From October-November 2014, Globe brought back its Free Facebook access for more customers to enjoy. During the time, the telco had 44 million subscribers. Post promo, the percentage of Facebook users increased at 36% and average monthly mobile data and browsing revenue growth got higher by 14%. Overall, mobile browsing and other data revenues escalated from 11.6 billion to 14.4 billion in one year.

“Our partnership with Facebook definitely enabled more Filipinos to gain internet connectivity, which is in line with the vision of internet.org to allow more and more people to have free access to internet services or at the very least gain internet connectivity at affordable rates,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said.

    Since technology is fast rising nowadays, a major percentage of the world’s population see it mandatory to be able to utilize the Internet, which is exactly what Internet.org’s mission is about. The top businesses in technology in the world all partnered on this advocacy, together with nonprofit organizations and local communities.  Internet.org is a brainchild of the Facebook team. Mark Zuckerberg aims to raise awareness of the internet, in order to build connections to different people from the world.

    A move that can be of great help in improving telco businesses in a world of fast-changing environment and progressing technology is by providing basic internet service free of charge. Accdg to Zuckerberg, providing internet services for free will trigger internet awareness and people’s curiosity. Through this, when they experience free access on the internet, they will be more aroused to get mobile data and pay for it.