Having our favorite meal in the middle of a busy, jampacked day serves our satisfaction really well, but walking in on restaurants and seeing long queues isn’t such a fun experience, right? Imagine the amount of time you spend there, can be already used to do something more productive.

Gladly though, because of technology, we can order meals online in an instant, skipping the hustle and bustle of the city. Kooryr PH, the country’s freshest online delivery app now caters to the taste of Kapampangans, as they launched their online portal consisting of 50+ restaurants to choose food from. It’s aim is to make food delivery most efficient, with an advantage for restaurants that do not have their own delivery service to be more reachable by the market.

Here are 3 easy steps on how Kooryr PH works:

Step 1: SIGN UP

Make your user profile by providing the information needed. Signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


With more than 40 restaurants in the portal, and with an array of different available cuisines, I’m sure you’ ll find your craving in no time.


As you have chosen your preferred restaurant, you can now order your food from the restaurant’s menu. After which, you can proceed to check out and wait for your delivery.

Yes, the process is as quick as that!

2 things about my Kooryr PH experience:

1.) What I love about Kooryr PH is that they provide the estimated delivery time for each restaurant. They can deliver within 10-60 minutes.That way, it’s easier to choose which one could cater to your preferred delivery time.

2.) They deliver on time. One feature of Kooryr PH is that you can choose the specific time of delivery from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Based on my experience, I am well satisfied by the swift delivery of my food, it came exactly on the time I specified!


Nowadays, convenience is something we are all after. And it’s a perk that Kooryr PH is handing to us. No need to be in line and spend long minutes waiting for your most wanted food. We can now shop online through Kooryr PH in a secured and fast manner, with reasonable delivery rates.

Kooryr PH is coming soon on Google Play and App Store.

For now, you can sign up and order at www.kooryr.ph. Like Kooryr PH on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Contact number:+63-9-256-KOORYR