We all know Pampanga as the culinary capital of the country, so the list of restaurants to dine at never goes down to zero. If you can’t decide on what to eat and are in search of a food haven that serves a variety of cuisines, let me introduce to you one of the most recommended restaurants in town. Situated inside Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, is a restaurant that’s prominent for its international cuisine that has already been a default favorite for Kapampangans and tourists as well.

It has been famous for its crunchy garlic, soy and Koko Buri chicken, which goes through a Korean way of cooking – the chicken is marinated for 24 hours with herbs and spices, undergoes double frying and is brushed with 7 different kinds of soy sauce that’s especially concocted for soy and chili garlic chicken. With that kind of thorough cooking process, you can only imagine how their signature dish is a standout.


Oriental Express P250

(Exotic flavor of Kokoburi’s signature dressing, topped with juicy chicken fillet)

Koko Buri has been serving good food since 2011, and I’ve heard a number of positive responses on their food, so to try it is already a delight for me. I give their Oriental Express a favorable mention, which I recommend to salad lovers.


Dori Dori P260

(Juicy, tender marinated fish fillet, covered with bread crumbs and covered with tartar sauce)

Koko Buri was coined from a series of translations. “Koko” means chicken in Korean, while “Buri” is a food category. Further, it is a literal Kapampangan translation for “like”, thus rendering “I love chicken” as its formal translation.


Soy Garlic Chicken

(fried with Koko Buri’s batter coated with special soy garlic sauce)

Filipinos have their own interpretation of cooking chicken, but as food lovers, we are always willing to try out the new. The concept of Koko Buri is to introduce Korean chicken to us here and gladly, the idea thrived well enough, because throughout the years of Koko Buri’s continuous service, Korean chicken has made its way to the Filipino taste.


Hot Pot

Nagasaki Champon (Japanese style pork-based soup with udon noodles and assorted fresh seafood)

Included among their best-sellers and must-try’s is the Nagasaki Champon, which is, according to my personal taste, their version of Seafood Sinigang. The seafood in their “hot pot” had a fresh and delectable taste, perfectly paired with the soup that has a lush savory taste. I’m sure lovers of spicy food would mark this as their favorite.


Koko Buri Fried Chicken

(coated with specially flavored batter and breading, served with Koko Buri’s signature gravy)

I’m an eternal lover of fried chicken, so I give this an A. Koko Buri’s fried chicken is one of the few ones I’d swear by.


Koko Buri’s Slushies (Triple berries, Mango, Strawberry, Grape, Buco)

Cold drinks are not to miss out on during your food trip in this restaurant. Their fruit-based slushies are very refreshing, which would definitely make your casual dining experience at Koko Buri complete.


Here’s our meal in a flatlay, commonly recognized as a norm in Instagram-ing food. (Hello, Insta lovers!)


Thank you so much, Koko Buri for our fun dining experience!

Koko Buri

Pavilion 4, Berthaphil 3, Clark Center, J. Abad Santos Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

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