Having a monotonous routine doesn’t sound good. Aside from the fact that it’s boring, it’s not healthy for your well-being to do the same exact things everyday. We all want growth and progress, don’t we?

How do you really make each day productive, less boring and more fun?

1.) First things first: Figure out your routine.

Identify what you have to accomplish for the day. Make a list. Fill out your planner. Priorities always come on top of the list, so better be sure you have everything on track.

2.) Next thing to do: Allot a specific time frame for each task. Always remember you have limited time to do everything for the day and keep that mindset in order to secure proper time management.

How do you make your tasks less stressful?

3.) Have breaks in between.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Accomplish your tasks in the best way possible, but let your mind rest for a while. Not only does the body get tired; your mind needs its own piece of tranquility as well. Take a half-hour break to just relax and breathe in fresh air.

4.) Have a good drink.

Coffee might be a good mind booster and it’s a go-to drink to keep your senses awake. If you aren’t really a coffee drinker like myself, you can opt for other refreshing drinks to keep you going. There’s this new drink at Starbucks that struck my fancy: their newest variant, the Banana Split Frappuccino. I got mine cream based and it was love at first sip.

How do you find motivation?

5.) Find an inspiration.

By inspiration I mean anything. It may be something you see in the environment, or something you don’t. It may be both literal and abstract. Take inspiration from the love of your life, or go as far as seeking it from magazines, newspapers, the current events or something from the past. Inspiration is broad and it doesn’t have restrictions.

6.) Go seek out something new.

Having an 8-5 job sometimes gets you sick of the monotonous routine. Chances are you experience your own taste of “downtime” wherein you feel sleepy or unproductive. The best thing to do is maximize your break times and learn something new. Read a book or check out that trending article you randomly see online. Make yourself curious about new things.

Also, reward yourself after work and go somewhere you’ve never been to. The unfamiliarity will give you a sense of relaxation and anticipation for the unknown.

If you’d ask me how I find inspiration and reward myself, I check out new restaurants or places. It is my joy to be able to take good photos that would make it into those squares on social media, so I don’t keep my stock running out. Not only does it satisfy me, but it also helps in making my creative juices active. Just recently, Starbucks Philippines sent over an invite to visit any store in Pampanga, and I, together with a couple of creatives, checked out what Starbucks Lakeshore has in store. If you’re looking for a place away from the buzz of the city and disturbing crowds, it’s the perfect branch for you. We were also very well served by their friendly baristas. It was a good day to try a lot of things new, like their Lemon Torte Cake and Irish Cream Coffee Pudding.

And oh, to photo enthusiasts and bloggers alike, did I mention that there are a lot of photo-worthy spots?

How do you accomplish tasks effectively?

Last but not the least,

7.) Pour your heart into it.

Whatever you do, do it with passion. As they say, “Do it with passion or not at all.” Everything starts with a proper mindset. Dedication to your work will give you not only satisfaction but also gains. Always require yourself to do something great that your future self will be thankful for.

Everyday is a chance to get better at what you do.

This is always my mindset, my motivation towards the long-term goals I have. I waste no time and make each day productive. Having a day job and another dream/goal is no joke. Normally, my day starts at 6am and ends at midnight of the next day. I juggle everything that I’m passionate about -I’d mostly do creative content, take photos and organize stuff for Kaile or do blogs in the morning, then work at the office most of the day, and it doesn’t end there. I go back to doing what I’m most passionate about right past office hours and on weekends I’d mostly have events or execute designs and do errands. It takes a lot of time and sweat to work everything out, but I know eventually it will lead me to where I want to be.

What matters is that my days never have a fixed routine and I find ways to make them interesting. And you can do that too!

Photos: Ivy Torres

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