I am skinny, yes. Yet I don’t really make a fuss out of it. God made me this way and the prime role I’ve got to take is to love myself and embrace this gift. I can imagine other girls dreaming about being Barbie-thin, some even working their asses off to achieve it, so I thought, what should I not love about my body?

I’ve had quite enough fragments of insecurities, why’s and why not’s, just like you and everyone else. To indulge in them will bring us no good, so might as well forget the things that hinder in our way to love oneself.


If there’s one thing that we can give ourselves more than any tangible thing, it is LOVE. And as they say,you can never really learn to love others if you don’t start with your own.


You have to love yourself, embrace your flaws, acknowledge your insecurities, thank God about them.

If you are skinny or plump; fair or dark-skinned; tall or short, learn to have acceptance, until all that’s left for you to do is to love yourself.


For everyone to truly accept you, you have to start with loving what you see in the mirror. No why’s and why not’s, no but’s and if only’s, just pure love and gratitude.

At all times, be YOU. Use your innate abilities, discover your own potentials. DO NOT compare.

Don’t try to fit in because you were born to stand out. "God didn’t create any of us to be average. He didn’t make us to barely get by. We were created to excel.“

You are your own competition. Your benchmark towards excelling shouldn’t be other people, but rather your own work.


Start with loving everything about yourself until it becomes contagious, enough to make other people love you as you see yourself.

Thank you to the ff photographers for these photos:

Anson Ong, Jah Nisce and Rye Raquidan

(mostly reprocessed using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom)