First of all, Happy New Year!

More often than not, a new beginning gives a good vibe. Starting anew, equipped with improvements caused by learning experiences, embracing anticipation to face new exciting things. Last year, I have deliberately thought about rebranding my personal blog into something more relatable to the general public. Less of me, more interesting topics aside from fashion, venturing into vlogging and discovering other things new to me. I wanted to feel the entirety of its new format, so moving to a new domain and having it designed with more friendly navigation and a minimalist layout was indeed the best blog decision.

To put it in a simpler way, this blog will be more extended to readers, going in for more topics of interest like fashion/style, food, beauty, lifestyle and life articles. I’d like to keep this welcome short and precise, so I’ll leave you with a video intro to what The Socialphile is.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without the help of the genius minds behind the re-brand. So props to those who helped me create new content to post and of course, the blog design.

Can’t wait to share new things I’ve been working on since the last quarter of 2016. For now, have a great start of the year!