Hello, 2016!

Here’s my first blog post for the year, technically.

The past year has been tough for me, but as I always say, I am tougher than everything that comes along! And yes, it’s time to carry that positivity along with me on this new year.

Instead of having myself a set of resolutions, I go for a checklist, which I might update every now and then. But for now, here’s what I’d like to do for myself this year:

1.) Gain weight.
2.) Learn how to cook.
3.) Know your worth in everything.
4.) Be more sociable.
5.) Don’t be afraid to try new things.
6.) Travel alone.
7.) Try a new business venture.
8.) Let go of unhealthy things and habits.
9.) Gain more experiences.
10.) Go out of your comfort zone.
11.) Be more private and discreet on social media.
12.) Declutter my wardrobe and embrace a new style.
13.) Be more productive.
14.) Devote more time for new designs.
15.) Don’t believe words easily. Trust actions.
16.) Forget the grudges of the past. Live positively.
17.) Pamper yourself.
18.) Spend wisely.
19.) Don’t recycle experiences.
20.) Don’t bottle up feelings. Tell people what you really feel.
21.) Be more mature.
22.) Know how to sort out your priorities.