If changing your current look is on your mind, one hair trend to consider is Balayage.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair highlighting technique that makes a gradation of colors from roots to end, creating a natural finish.

I could compare it to a gradient on a canvas with gradual shifting of hues, commonly from dark to light, but some also go from light to dark. It is different from Ombre, which is a type of color that’s usually dark on top and light at the bottom (think black roots and blonde ends).

If not mistaken, Balayage’s claim to fame in PH was around 2016, and it has been an in demand hair trend since. Gladly, it’s staying this this 2019.

I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time already, but I haven’t had the courage. This summer, I’ve been itching to try out a new hairstyle, so I finally gave it a try!

There are a few salons I trust here in Pampanga, and Salon Privea is one of them. Since the salon opened, I had my hair colors and retouches done there, so for a hair procedure that’s new to me, I know it’s the place to be.

Balayage, here we go!

This was my hair before the procedure.

Before achieving my desired color, my hair was bleached twice for a few minutes. The bleach is considered the base color.

After a few minutes, the color was toned down using a darker shade. Earl, my stylist, used the shade Blue Black since I opted for dark roots- ash ends hair pattern.

The hair color was quickly absorbed by my hair since it was already bleached. It took around 5-10 minutes of application only.

Since the process includes bleaching, which can cause the hair to dry up, Earl used Smart Bond to avoid breakage, especially since I have thin hair strands.

Here’s the final output!

Thank you, Salon Privea for the hair makeover!
Just a little tip: Balayage gets even nicer after a few washes.

(This is my hair color after a few washes)

It’s been a week since the hair procedure, and my color turned into ash gray-ash brown tones,  just my desired color.

So for those of you wanting to try Balayage, give it a go! Just make sure to do after-care treatments to take good care of your strands.

Salon Privea has also other services you must check out such as their Beauty Bundles:

Salon Privea

Dona Isafel Bldg, MacArthur Hi-way, Sindalan, San Fernando, Pampanga

2nd floor, Clark Marriott Hotel, Clark, Pampanga


*salon photos by Prodigy