Now that we’re inching closer to Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure you’re cooking something up for your loved ones. Flowers and chocolates are timeless classic gifts, undoubtedly. Though we know we can easily rush to our local flower shop and grocery store for these, it is more thoughtful to prepare and search for unique gifts you simply cannot find everywhere. In contemporary times, regular bouquets have become so overrated, so creative individuals/entrepreneurs have come up with the most unique and chicest gift ideas for special occasions like Valentines. Here’s a bunch to walk you through what the special woman you love, will love.

1.) Boxed Ecuadorian Roses
Flora Euna

Called by many as the most beautiful kind of rose, these boxed blooms look fancy and classy in boxed bags.

2.) Simple, classic bouquets
Flora Euna

Try to veer away from usual bouquets you see almost everywhere. These pink/white roses will surely be loved by your sweet girl.

3.) Handpainted Flowers

Thinking of something she can keep and use even after Valentines?
These handpainted bags would make a good impression. Trust me 😉

 4.) Initial Cookie Stack Cakes

Does she have a sweet tooth? You’ll make her fall in love again with these initial stack cakes.

5.) Valentine Boxes

Perfect for career-driven girls, Valentine boxes from Aperitif come in assortment of french macarons, gourmet teas, wine, champagne flutes, scented candle, chocolates and flowers – You choose! 😉

Tip: It’s also a perfect gift for mom!

6). Fruits in Bloom
Fruits in Bloom

Satisfy her sweet cravings in a sweet arrangement of fruits and sweet coated treats in a bucket. Tres cute!

7.)  Preserved Rose
Te Amo Floristeria

Keep her remembering you with this preserved rose encapsulated in a glass house, which can serve as a room decor, too. It’s extra pretty cause it’s illuminated with gold led lights!

8.) Boxed Giant Preserved Roses
Te Amo Floristeria

Not just a rose, but a jewelry box, too. How sweet are these giant pastel roses housed in special boxes?

9.) A Basket Full of Love
Knots, Flowers and More

If you’d like to stick with a traditional bouquet arrangement, opt for a little twist, like these fresh blooms neatly arranged in a woven basket.

We hope we induced some inspiration on what to give your special someone on Valentines. A little reminder though, no matter how much or less you spend, always remember that it’s always the thought of remembering her that counts the most 😉


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