When we’re on a travel, we’d usually want to share our photos in an instant at picturesque views, post real-time stories or just get connected with our loved ones whenever we want to. It’s all possible with FLYTPACK‘s travel wifi/router. Get connected anywhere you are in the world with a pre-configured device. Here’s how it works:

1.) Book online and pay at least 5 days before your travel.

2.) Wait for your wifi to be delivered to you until 1 day before your travel.

3.) Enjoy your reliable connection during your trip

4.) Flytpack will collect the wifi a day after your trip.

*Flytpack’s travel wifi can connect 5-8 devices and can be used as a powerbank to charge your smart devices!

Flytpack travel wifi is available in the following destinations:

Asia Pacific:

Australia, China, Hongkong+Macau, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand


USA, Canada


Middle East

If you’re doing a cross-country traveling, you can avail their Cross-country package or Worldwide Plan. For prices/rates, visit Flytpack’s websIte HERE.

Save yourself from costly roaming services, hassle of changing sim cards and stressful wifi-hunting! Book a Flytpack device for your next travel now and enjoy a secure and reliable connection.