It was a rainy Saturday and a hearty meal was the perfect company. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Chef Liam’s Kitchen from my friends and have tried a few dishes myself a few months ago. My first visit at the restaurant was remarkable, that it made me want to come back to try out more.

Many food establishments have opened here and there, especially in the area. I’ve seen a lot of Instagram-worthy photos widespread on social media, which have convinced me well enough to pay them a visit. Beyond the social media craze and enticing food photos, there’s this restaurant that has been thriving through word of mouth. And when you discover a restaurant through such a way, you know for sure the food is pleasurable and satisfying.

Chef Liam, the brain behind the brand, was first well-known for his breads and pastries, which are sought-after in town. Along with his bakery, he established his own kitchen-restaurant that showcased his culinary skills which he acquired in Europe and through experience over time.

On our visit, he served to us a sum of his personal favorite dishes which he cooked himself. The open constructed kitchen turned us hungry and craving because of the pleasing aroma of the food being cooked.

One of the first ones served to us was the Malaysian Laksa. Pinoys have adapted to the taste of international cuisine, due to the variety of restaurants in the country. Definitely a Filipino favorite, the Malaysian Laksa served us well on a rainy day visit at Chef Liam’s Kitchen.

Laksa is known to be spicy, but this version was perfect to the taste buds – not too spicy yet not too boring. The seafood and veggies complimented the soup perfectly as well.

Adobong Sugpo sa Taba ng Talangka (must-try for seafood lovers!)

Seafood seems to be the chef’s favorite, as you will see quite a batch of it in the menu, as well as in the Spaghetti de Bilbao (which is my favorite!)

I like my pasta with less sauce, more toppings and Parmesan cheese, and this one flatters my preference so well. Veering away from the usual saucy sweet Spaghetti we Filipinos are used to, is such a great idea.

Another pasta on the roster of Chef Liam’s palatable dishes is his own version of lasagna.Our newest favorite kitchen also offers modern Mexican food, with the chef’s unique twist on each dish. A top favorite is the Quesadilla/s, which I recommend to lovers of spicy food.

Here’s a complete set of what was served to us. With the diversity of cuisines, it seems like we traveled the world without having to move a wee bit!

Chef Liam likes it less garnished, as he is after the taste of the food itself, and not much about the design. He believes that what will satisfy people more is not how the food looks, but how it will tickle their taste buds.

What’s not to miss are the freshly baked cheesecakes. Chef Liam is a prominent baker in town, so you definitely have to try his breads and pastries.

Caution: They are highly addicting. 😀


Rare are the times when a chef would sit down with us and eat his well-cooked dishes. As we devour the exceptionally savory meals, Chef Liam Tayag imparted to us his humble beginnings as a culinary student, trainee and as a chef. It was indeed a pleasure to hear his inspiring stories and advices to the young aspirants. Now I know what keeps people glued to his restaurant aside from the satisfying food: his people skills and warm treatment to his guests.

As one quote says,
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams


Chef Liam’s Kitchen also accepts catering for special events and functions.

Chef Liam’s Kitchen

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