At some point, we all envy those what-seems-like-perfect-photos we see from the creatives of this generation. Professionally directed, composed of properly curated clothes plus hair and make, and so on. Kudos to the brilliant photographers behind these for not only producing such beautiful captures, but also for inspiring ordinary people (like myself) to produce photos as creative as theirs.

We were never experts in photography. The only thing that becomes our ambitious weapon is our creative sense. In collaboration with Ivy Torres, a fellow photo enthusiast, I came up with this DIY home shoot with personally edited layouts, some with original captions I wrote, while some with my favorite poems to speak for the photos. And yes, it’s a DIY shoot for non-pros.

For hobbyists like me, there are 5 things you need to get that perfect DIY shoot:

1.) Inspiration – gather inspo from the net or your environment. It would be best to keep a moodboard of everything.

2.) Backdrop Рa white  background speaks volumes.

3.) Props – I say hello to dramatic Christmas lights and a bunch of vintage stuff.

4.) A good quality camera – get a good point & shoot or mirrorless camera. it’s going to be your armor!

5.) Creative juices – Draw inspiration from somewhere else, but be sure to keep your work original and creative.

DIY Home Shoot for Non Pros

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