Whether it’s to lighten your dark spots or help you recover from the burning heat of the summer sun, we can all agree that whitening products have been popping here and there to help us out with our skin care woes. But what does really work? Let me share with you some known and even newly discovered skin care products and regimens that will help lighten and brighten up your skin.


One of the known natural whitening products, which our moms would even recommend is calamansi. The fruit’s acidity acts as a natural bleach for your skin. Plus, its Vitamin C component helps in encouraging new cell growth. Aside from calamansi, another product that can help in brightening up a specific area on your face is the Beautederm UnderEye Cream. Yes, we know you’ve been having eyebag/dark under eye circle problems. Like calamansi, it also has Vitamin C, plus it also reduces wrinkles and puffiness in your eyes, and thickens the skin on that area. Not only does it brighten, but it also protects. Good combination, right?


Now, let’s answer the age-old question: “How do I whiten my underarms?”

First of all, prevention is better than cure, so let’s start with what you should not be doing:

Avoid shaving, using harsh chemicals from certain deodorants, and wearing tight clothes as this can cause friction between your clothes and skin, thus leading to discoloration.

So now that we’ve got out of the way, to whiten your underarm, you may use the BeauteDerm UnderArm Set with Peeling Cream. This set contains their Ultralite Soap, Underarm Toner, Underarm Whitening Cream, and UnderArm Peeling Cream. Not only it will help lighten up your underarm, it will also help deodorize it by lessening sweat production, thus leaving you feeling fresher the whole day.


Summer may still be a few months away, but a lot of you may already be looking for ways on how to wear that bikini loud and proud.

A lot us are looking for ways on how we can lighten the bikini area. For one, just like in your underarm, avoid shaving very often and wearing too tight and dark-colored jeans.

You may use the Beautederm Bikini Whitening Set. It has the Ultralite Soap, Hydrocortisone, Bleaching Cream and the Bikini Area Whitening Cream. This set evens out and lighten skin tone around the bikini area.



And now that we’re done targeting specific areas, let’s go with something that’s holistic. One of the most important things you should remember when you’re trying to use all these whitening methods and products is to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Use products that has SPF to help you out in protecting your skin – on your face and body.

To help boost your products’ whitening capabilities, you can take the Beautederm Blanc Pure Whitening Capsules. Aside from its whitening properties, it has L-Carnitine to support weight loss; Ascorbic and Lipoic Acid to support for your immune system and over-all health. A total all-in-one product, if I may say so.

Achieving that bright and healthy glowing skin is no longer difficult at this day and age. There are a lot of ways, but make sure that you’re using something safe and has already been tried, tested,  and proven. Do your research well and don’t forget to always patch-test with any product you’re about to use.

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