We’ve all been used to pamper sessions mostly intended for girls, a kind of relaxation that has already become a norm. Spa parties and nail sessions here and there and salon makeovers too, yet these are most commonly spent with our girl friends. But how would the idea of a one-stop shop for both HIM and HER excite you?


Bellezza Nail & Barber

Bellezza Nail & Barber is a fresh business on the rise that came up with the brilliant idea of a fusion of two classes of services ideal for both genders. It’s a nail spa on one side and a barber shop on the other. How cool would it be to have your much needed nail sesh, while your hubby gets a haircut, both at the same place? Now you wouldn’t have to worry about making him wait long hours, bothering you if he gets bored.

Belleza is a Spanish word that means beauty – but something that’s not limited to the beauty of a woman alone, seemingly a perfect name for the business.

The Interior

Relaxing and cool to the eyes – it’s something we look for in a spa since we all want to loosen up and get pampered. Bellezza’s contemporary look mixed with classic vintage touches is just perfect to let you unwind.

The Services

There’s one thing that Bellezza Nail & Barber could promise you – it is to give your first-class services that will not only get you satisfied, but will also make you have a new favorite place to get pampered at.

Of course, to guarantee you cutting-edge services would mean using high-end products. They use branded nail polishes, scrubs and hair products to ensure the quality of services offered to their clients.



“We take pride on every detail we do, from your facial shape and the style + pomade to be used + hot towel reflex massage of your choice down to your coffee and the music you listen to.“

As shared by one of the owners, their competitive edge is to give you the old barber experience, but in a redefined way. The usual barber shop only offers haircut, as we are all aware of. Here at Bellezza, they offer extras like a hot towel massage by their trained staff, plus your coffee while you wait.

Most of their male clients are professionals. Instead of the normal routine of getting a haircut and then heading back home to get dressed before going to an event, Bellezza Nail & Barber instantly became a home to their grooming needs. They get all services done like cut, shave, shoe polish and more. They even bring their coats and dress up there after being pampered with all the services.


Nail, Hand and Foot Care/Services

Can women survive without pretty polishes and soft, relaxed hands and feet? Well apparently, we can’t. Since the spa industry has been recognized with a flying start, girls have also made it some sort of a weekend requirement to have spa and nail sessions.

I’ve been to several establishments offering the same services, but Bellezza’s is quite exceptional. As I’ve experienced one of their superior services which includes foot spa and nail care called the Bellezza Signature, I would personally recommend it. A few of their other services include Hand and Foot Paraffin, Princess Manicure and Pedicure, Magnesium Salt Scrub and Coffee Cellulite Exfoliante Scrub. They also have Gel Polish on their list, which is a hip trend today.

Price Range

For a business offering first-class services, I’m impressed by their modest price range. From P98, you can already get your nails prettified, and their Gentlemen Regular Haircut can be availed of at P168.

There’s more to Bellezza Nail & Barber than all the things said in this post, so better experience their services first-hand. For now, I’ll let you enjoy the visuals which are enough to convince you 😉


Bellezza Nail & Barber

Genesis Bldg, McArthur Highway, San Isidro, City of San Fernando,San Fernando, Pampanga


Contact Number: 

0977 833 0054