Fueled by passion, learning experience and creative formulas, The Socialphile assures you of a social media experience in the most interesting way possible. 

The Socialphile

The Socialphile is a lifestyle website coined from two words best defining its concept: Social – relating to the fashionable society, and Phile – lover of. When unified, it means someone that has deep enthusiasm for the current, with a purpose of relating to people.

Started as a personal blog in 2009, The Socialphile is now rebranded as a medium of creative stories about Fashion and Lifestyle.

This blog is a passion project also designed to promote and patronize homegrown brands and establishments, to help them become more reachable through social media through a handful of innovative and creative means.

The Socialphile lives by its own brain wave: Reaching out to the society in digital and creative ways.


Behind the Brand

The Socialphile is the brainchild of Khai Nunag. With a background in the Arts & Creative field, she maximizes her free time as a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger for her own blog / Fashion Editor for Adventour Asia Magazine /  Fashion Designer & Stylist for her own line / Digital Marketing Creative for various brands.

She took several courses in fashion design and has also been a host of a local social media-oriented show. It is her pride to have been able to share her passion about fashion, style and the social media and further aims to inspire the new gen.

Being one of the pioneer bloggers in Pampanga, her 7 years of blogging experience has taught her the know-hows in the industry, which she considers as her competitive edge, along with her previous projects and collaborations with local and international brands. See the brands she has previously worked with HERE.