Good shoes take you to good places, they always say. Let us say it our way- beautiful shoes take you to beautiful destinations. As a fashion blog, we’re style aware by nature, and ever since this blog’s existence, we’ve been hearing a lot about this pioneer online shoe brand that has the most up-to-date styles. Way more than that, their shoes are perfect go-to’s when comfort is top priority.

But wait! Why sacrifice style for comfort when you can have both? This brand won’t have to make you sacrifice one for the other. Yup, a hundred percent yes.

Here are the top 8 styles that we love, and that you should have.

1.) Flat sandals

Why settle for boring flats when tassels can make your pair lovelier?

2.) Trusty Sneakers

The plain white sneakers phase has become discreet. Patched and embroidered sneakers has unfolded. Aren’t these too cute?

3.) Mules

Talk of the town: Mules. We see them everywhere.

You have no reason to be not stylish even on lazy days. Style score: 10 out of 10.

4.) Block Heels

Ideal for those who want to look taller but can’t stand hours in skyscrapers, this brand is a home of block heels. Take your pick!

5.) Block Heels

6.) Go-to Black Heels

The classiest color ever existing – black. If you have that little black dress as a necessity, a pair of black heels should also be on the list.

7.) Brogues

Isn’t it fun to dress up to be androgynous sometimes? These brogues will make it seem like you borrowed your boyfriend’s style for a while! Yup, that’s cool.

8. Dressy Lace-ups

One can never have too many styles of shoes.We all have that beautiful pair, that, even if it takes a few minutes to wear, we still find it to be our favorite. Make these lace-ups part of your collection?

*Shoes all from A Girl’s Haven.

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