Nowadays, there’s no excuse for traveling in non-stylish outfits. For every outfit, something must be taken into consideration: is it photo worthy? If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you’re a millenial. Kidding aside, we’d like to share our own slice of the cake – outfits and must-haves we think are seemly for travel. Feel free to take inspiration for your next transit!

P.S. We tell you, a plain shirt and jeans just won’t suffice.

1.) KEY PIECE: A dressy, well… dress.

Make it the center of attention. Keep the rest minimal. Those studded boots would be of great help!

2.) KEY PIECE: A pair of comfy sneakers

Endure long walks with your trusty pair of sneakers. Oh, and if you’re unsure of the weather, you may pack a jumper dress and a basic knitted long sleeve top and decide later on if you want to layer up or not.

3.) KEY PIECE: A trench coat

Ideal when traveling on winter, one must have a go-to trench coat – ALWAYS. Doesn’t matter if you wear it multiple times – mix & match is the key!

4.) KEY PIECE: A scarf

Whether to be used as a warmer or a cover up, a scarf is something you should not forget to pack. It’s a traveler’s best friend, we must say.

5.) KEY PIECE: Denim Jacket

One piece of clothing that works wonders: the denim jacket. Wear it to make your outfit look stylish or make you feel warm. The best thing about it? It’s versatile and works with any kind of style.

6.) KEY PIECE: A pair of trusty flats

Never forget to pack an extra pair of shoes for variety, might as well pick stylish but comfy ones.

7.) KEY PIECE: Jeans

We need no explanation – y’all know jeans aren’t just travel must haves, but closet staples as well.

8.) KEY PIECE: A hat

One way to spice up your plain outfits is by accessorizing. Since you’re on a travel and you have to keep your accessories minimal, a hat is the best piece to bring with you!

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