Sure, they say teenage years teach you the best experiences – you get
to have your own share of firsts, delve into new things with your peers
and a whole lot more discoveries you explore outside the corners of
your home. But the real deal comes after you go through all those stuff
and outgrow them. The best age to backtrack everything and rate your
life occurrences is 25. Why, hello there, quarter-life!

1.) You learn to weigh your priorities.

are not getting any younger. Priority is the name of the game. It is
during this time where you get serious about the choices you make. You
know you always have to put them at the top of the hierarchy. Yes, this
means lesser good times and more serious stuff. And no, that’s not so
fun. (lol)

2.) You learn to say NO.

you ever experienced being so unconsciously gullible that you say yes
most of the time even if there’s a clear NO cringing inside of you? That
was exactly me, always afraid of what they’ll perceive of me when I say
no. I thought saying no was rude, that it could change how people look
at me. I’ve learned hard enough that saying NO when you feel like it is
an art to master, because sometimes, you have to put yourself first,
especially when saying yes will mean getting less than what you deserve.
Once in a while, say NO for your own good. Say NO to people, to
feelings and to the things that hinder you from doing what you must.

3.) You learn the value and irony of love.

so beautiful how people feel that indescribable feeling towards someone and
how we’d do all we can to keep that.
However, it is ironic how easily we fall in love, yet so hard to fall
out of it. Love can make us, but it can also break us. It brings us to
our happiest, yet it can also lead us to our saddest. Sometimes, one can
fall so deep, while the other person unknowingly falls apart. Sometimes,
we ask why, but no one knows why we fall for who we do. Love can hurt us,
but we are always willing to have more of it. It’s either we continue
to love who we used to, or we make our feelings available for the next

We fall in love, we get our hearts broken. Every feeling is
inevitable, and we learn that through the course of loving someone.
Still, we acknowledge that love is the most amazing feeling we could have felt and we could still do at the right time.

4.) You discover your real self and what you really want.

I don’t know if it’s me or everyone else, but when you’re 25, there’s a

self-regulated borderline that by the age of 30, you must have accomplished

majority of the bullets in your bucket list already. It is what seems like a point of
no return, so
by this time, your long terms goals are being worked on, and you
already know where you are headed to.

5.) Your faith in things becomes deeper.

Since you
are working to get to your long term goals, you become so determined to
maintain what you have started. You are mindful that there’s no more time
for messing around. You become more patient than you ever were and your
conviction for the things that you want become stronger. Life
expectations gradually get higher, and you feel the responsibility to
work just as much.

6.) You figure out how much you can handle and what you are willing to do.

At 25, you have most probably gone through enough experiences to teach you

and mold you. You learn from your past decisions, mistakes and from the people you meet-
you learn what you must and must not do again. Your quarter life has
launched you to a myriad of emotions, pain and validation. You figure
out that maturity teaches you to stand up for your choices and
relationships. It lets you discover how much you are willing to give,
but you figure out just as well how much you can only handle.

7.) You come across pressure (no matter how much you try to avoid it).

I say pressure? Oh, yeah. Being 25 makes me wonder whether I’m young or
old. It feels like I’m in the white line in the middle of the road.
Most of us are chasing their chosen career paths, while quite a number
led themselves to the pathway of marriage and having kids. You know the
latter is what everyone will come to eventually, so you go settling for
the former. On the other hand, those that married at a young age wonder
what their life would be, if they had a shift of choice. Yes, we always
talk about that with our circle of friends.

bottom line is, we all pass through the same tunnel. It’s not a matter
of who comes first and who finishes last. The sum and substance of it
all is how we will run each pace with maturity. We’re 25 and we have a
beautiful life ahead of us!