Ever since the matte trend on lippies has gone wild, I’ve been on the lookout for the best product to match my preference. I have tried a ton from the most sought-after brands, found a few favorites, until this brand got the curiosity out of me and made me buy a product from their then newly released line. Unconsciously, I was using that one product all day, everyday. Right then and there, I discovered the reason why – it was the matte lipstick I have long been searching for. That reason alone made me anticipate every collection they release. Just recently, they have made the “SupraMatte” / “XtraNudes” available for purchase, so I’d like to let you know what sets Colourette Cosmetics‘ matte lipsticks apart from all other ones I’ve tried:

1.) UltraMatte. Swear. Other lipsticks I’ve tried have deceived me, claiming that they’re matte when they’re not. It’s never the case for Colourette. What I love about their mattes is that they’re never drying at all, so chapped lips are not an expectation. Two thumbs up, Colourette!

2.) Lightweight. These XtraNudes are so light on the lips you’d feel like you aren’t wearing any lipstick at all. I think that’s a natural claim when in search of a matte lip product, and yes, the #XtraNudes are IT.

3.) Transfer Proof. Do you always worry about transferring your lippie on the food you are eating and ending up actually consuming your own lipstick? Set the woe aside and make way for your next favorite product. You’re welcome!

4.) Long Lasting. How’s it for a lingering 12-hr long wear? I need no words.

5.) Cool, Minty Effect. If it has something that makes it unique, it is the minty, refreshing and moisturizing effect. Just me describing it to you will make you so curious that you might find yourself checking it out first thing tomorrow (lol, but I’m sure).

To prove my statements further, here are the Colourette Clique members wearing all four new shades of the #XtraNudes. See for yourself!

Colourette Cosmetics is also giving away free XtraNudes, be sure to check out their post HERE!

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