Most days of the week are spent working our asses off. Early Mondays and late Fridays – most of us would dwell on this routine. Come weekends, we would just want to relax and worry about nothing, but sometimes, we could not help think of other more productive things to do on our day/s off work. After all, life’s too short to just sit back and do nothing. Here are a few refreshing things you can do to make the most out of your weekends. These could just acquire you a new skill, which, who knows, you can turn into a more productive thing one day.

1.)  Engage in a physical activity. Most of us have office based jobs, which means having a sedentary lifestyle. Reduce the health risks of inactivity through things that would give you the right amount of physical activity, say sports, or perhaps the gym. If you do not want to exert much physical stress through strenuous activities, you may at least take a daily walk.

2.) Do something new. Whenever you do something new, don’t you feel so fulfilled right after accomplishing it?
Make that fulfilling feeling a constant. Do something new every so often.

3.) Do something you never thought you would. Have you ever imagined yourself on an extreme ride? Did you ever go on a long drive by yourself? Have you ever made something creative? Name something you never imagined yourself doing and do it. As they say, great things never came from comfort zones.

4.) Go somewhere you’ve never been. For a richer experience & knowledge, explore a place you’ve never been to. Learn about its culture and try out its cuisine. They say discovering new places is great for your mental health.

5.) Go on a jog. Jogging helps prevent heart failures, hypertension and other diseases. It can also help you address stress, so even if it’s not your day off, go for a jog.

6.) Read a book. and finish it in one day. Spare yourself a little from all that social media buzz and go old school. Reading can broaden and enrich your vocabulary, and there are some things you learn from the books that you’ll never get anywhere else.

7.) Conquer a fear. Manage your positive thinking. Unleash your potentials. Expand your capacity. Be more confident. These are just few benefits of conquering your fears. Go on, conquer your fear and do something you’re afraid of.

8.) Reunite with old friends. Isn’t it kind of relaxing to rekindle the best moments of your life? Looking at how far you’ve become, how better you are now and what life has taught you – are all so fulfilling. Besides,  it’s refreshing to hear new stories from old people.

9.) Go for a drink. Schedule a night out at least once or twice a month. Meet new people, who knows, you might just broaden your network and build connections.

10.) Treat yourself – Go shopping, get a massage or do any form of rest and relaxation. Rest your mind and body. You deserve it after a week-long hardwork.

11.) Have a movie marathon – Watching a movie makes you feel like you’re in a different world for a moment. In fact, it is revitalizing – forgetting everything even for a short while & disconnecting from reality. It kind of gives you a new perspective as you exit the movie house.

12.) Cook a meal – Learning how to cook one different meal every week not only expands your culinary experience, it also helps you improve your health and lifestyle. If you’re diet conscious, try to concoct meals that can help you achieve your weight goal, while if you’re the adventurous type and just want to try out something new every now and then, learning new recipes can work for you as well.

13.) Enroll in a workshop/short course – Whatever career you pursue, learning is always essential to improve your skills and craft. If you have a free schedule and love learning new things, it would be great to find a special course for you.

14.) Make a new playlist – Music has a unique sense of making us feel calm, relaxed and energized. Compile a list of songs you like so there’s something fresh you can listen to everyday. Tip: take 1 song a day to boost your mood.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Day: 7 Tips On How To Be Productive Everyday