(photos: Red gingham skirt, Undo; Pompom flats, @sheiladytiu, @qingsstyle; Basket Bag, From Blank; hoop earrings, ASOS; outfits: @khainunag, @sheiladytiu and @mari_jasmn)

As any fashion guru would say, trends come and go, so if you’re an avid trend follower, make sure to not put those stuff at the stash after their reign. Keep ’em and get ready when they resurrect. Here are some trends that made the comeback this season. We’ve got a bonus for ya, we have leads on where to get the best of them, so read on!

1.) Pompoms 

 Let your penchant for the unconventional manifest on these. Step up the boho game and stand out with those little furballs!

 @shieladytiu  @qingsstyle @yukitansengco

2.) Turbans 

I remember patronizing this trend a few years ago (even making customized ones) and now, turbans are finally back! Your summer outfit would never have to be a bore. Pair it with that maxi on your upcoming beach trip before finally
capping off the summer.

3.) Tassels 

Wear it wherever – in your bag, in your accessories and even in your shoes. This Bohemian style embellishment is an instant bonus meant for plain outfits. 


4.) Dangling Earrings 

 Remember the days when we all rocked those big round earrings and colorful statement (think tassel and beaded)? Well, it’s time to relive those times and let your ears be the bait 😉

@alitheacastillo @heyjowph @whim.ph

5.) Ruffles 

Ruffles define cuteness, but who says frills are only for the young? Invest in ruffled tops or dresses cause they’re going to linger for a while, for sure.

Dress: @kaileclothing

6.) One-Shoulder

The one shoulder wonder would save you from excessively thinking about the perfect nightout outfit. Flaunt that sexy shoulder and stand out in a stylishly elegant number!


7.) Basket Bags 

Summer calls for the comeback of woven bags’, but now with an even more stylish twist: wave hello to sling basket bags! It’s one great way to patronize our local artisan’s work of art, too!

Tip: Borrow mom’s mini picnic basket or get one online at 

@fromblank_ @undoclothing

8.) Gingham 

Printed cotton fabrics must be on your summer outfit checklist, and a print that’s making waves this season is gingham. Try sporting the trend through a skirt or dress from Undo while you suddenly utter “Oppa Gingham Style” (lol)


9.) Flare Pants 

Relive retro vibes with a never expiring trend – the flare pants. Aside from its elegant look, its loose silhouette is apt for summer. Go casual with a tank top or go full and pair it with a dressy top.


@mari_jasmn @kimcamjones @idaandu

10.) Flouncy Skirts

Big skirts, holla! Contrary to the norms, flouncy and draped skirts aren’t just made for formal events. In fact, they’re being worn everywhere by today’s current fashion icons.

Tip: Try a button down or a statement shirt for a unique, laidback look!

 @shopseektheuniq @beamarinx

Hurry up, shop and slay in these trends, girl!